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An Exercise In Compassion

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Start by writing down three names, leaving space between each:

  • someone you greatly admire

  • someone you despise

  • someone you feel is similar to you


Now, imagine for a moment what joys each person may have in their lives. Write this down.


Next, imagine the struggles each of these people may face. Write this down.


Third, imagine YOU are on someone’s compassion exercise. How do you imagine they view your joys and struggles? Will the perception of your joys and struggles vary based upon which of the three categories you fall?


Finally, review your three choices and consider if your personal feelings of admiration or loathing affected your compassion toward their joys and struggles.

To begin a life of true compassion, you must learn how to remove the negative AND positive judgments, and retrain your brain to view all people as HUMAN first.


Everyone of us is human. We all struggle. We all find joy. We all have embarrassing moments and proud moments. We tend to forget that everyone on earth experiences the same simple emotions. Compassion is about understanding, not necessarily accepting.

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