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We need your help!

The Human Compassion Project was founded on the principle to spread awareness of the global impact of COMPASSION and how love can change the world. We are non-profit, using all funds toward the mission. We are always in need of volunteers. Please share with your friends and family and contact us for additional ways YOU can help make our world a better place for us all!

Our Mission


Increase Community Involvement

Secure Housing for All

Protect our Environment

The Human Compassion Project has built a community of support and helpful resources to promote a society that prioritizes love and compassion. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. 

Community involvement is key and the HCP sees community gardens and events as a wonderful tool to increase social capital and community involvement. What better way to know your neighbor?

Please use the form below to schedule a consultation for community events.

Housing is a human right and quite exhausting to secure for many. The HCP understands the struggles (new and old) in relation to finding affordable and adequate housing.


The HCP has partnered with local shelters and programs to assist by providing resources, item donations and assistance like helping to complete forms, make the right phone calls, etc. 

Please use the form below to request help or resources.

We cannot properly love and care for ourselves without also loving our home environment. 

The HCP is committed to educating communities and their members about practices that are both helpful and harmful. 

Please use the form below to schedule a community seminar.

Please help the cause by donating or volunteering!

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